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1. Introduction

Last modified: 02.02.2015

Floor plan

The Efficient Solar House, located in the premises of the Fundão Island's Electric Power Research Center (CEPEL), Rio de Janeiro, is part of the residential segment of the Center for the Application of Efficient Technologies (CATE) of CEPEL and Reference Center for Solar and Wind Energy Sérgio de Salvo Brito (CRESESB) in its strategy for creating Demonstration Centers. Its construction, in addition to CEPEL, counted with the participation of several institutions such as the Department of Mines and Energy (MME) and ELETROBRÁS.

The Solar House is a prefabricated house with all efficient electrical and electronic equipment from the point of view of conservation of energy powered by solar panels and a wind turbine, and water heating also based on solar energy. One of the main goals of the Efficient Solar House is to serve as a multiplier for the use of solar thermal, solar PV and wind energy, as well as techniques to prevent energy wastage.

The House consists of a mini auditorium for thirty people; a "control room" where there is the house's energy control system (charge controllers and inverter) and data acquisition system; an "energy efficiency room" where there is a panel lighting demonstration, a meter panel, CEPEL digital meter, ampere-hour meter, consumption simulation model and consumption measurement counter for appliances; a bathroom with water heated by thermo pane; a kitchen with efficient appliances. Outside the house there is also a photovoltaic water pumping system, a battery bank and two wind turbines, one feeds the house with electricity, installed 12 meter high, and another at ground level for demonstration purposes only.

The Solar House is also an object of research of the integrated functioning of these technologies. Operating since July 1997, the Efficient Solar House received until the end of 2014 almost 18,000 visitors, including teachers and high school students and university professionals and the general public.

In addition to the technical visits, the Solar House has attracted the attention of the mass media in the country (television, radio, newspapers and magazines), and became the object of articles in the main Brazilian media, helping promote alternative energy and energy efficiency for a diverse audience of millions of people.

Floor plan

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